How to Deal with the Devil


Now if we carefully examine the 6th chapter of the book of Ephesians, starting on verse 10, God shows us how to deal with the devil. God's spiritual armor is mentioned only after the prerequisite of obeying God's established natural laws of submission and obedience. 


When we comply in our responsibility of submitting to those over us, then will we understand how authority works. This same God-given authority can then be applied in the spirit realm when we assume our position over any satanic opposition. Satan knows when we understand authority, and that's the only language he submits to. When Joshua stopped the sun he was able to do so because he understood the laws of submission. He is spoken of as being Moses' minister, but never as the servant of God until his time came to succeed Moses as leader

(Jos 1:1). 


He was humble and worked under the man of God. When his time came, he assumed power over the earth's rotation by using "authority" over the natural elements. The same authority he was compelled to respect in Moses, the man of God. 


Sarah was able to enter into the supernatural sphere of childbearing even when her womb was considered dead (Heb 11:11) 

because she understood authority and showed it by submitting to her husband Abraham, even calling him "lord" (1 Pet 3:5-6). 


Nowhere in scripture is a husband instructed to submit to his wife. In fact God reprimands Adam for doing so (Gen 3:17). The great sin of Abraham also came about by the same mislead action (Gen 16:2). 


These deeds go against God's structure for the leadership of the home. The husband however, is commanded to love his wife, from which love should flow the ease of her submission. 

Trying to assume authority in the spirit realm before submitting to authority God has established over us in the natural realm, is putting the cart before the horse. Submitting to God, is submitting to his decreed ordinances of respect for natural authority over us as well. 


When we fully understand and comply with the chain of command in terms of authority the devil will flee from us by simply resisting him. (Jam 4:7). When a parent allows a child to disobey with no repercussions, and entitles him to express undisciplined manners and disrespect for higher authority, then that parent has broken the structure of God's plan for the home, allowing chaos and dysfunction to make inroads into the domestic setting. This same rule applies to wives who refuse to submit to their own husbands as well as to men who refuse to submit to Christ as head, and to employees who refuse to submit to their employers (Eph 5:22-24, 6:1-9). 


Notice the word "Finally" in verse 10. This word implies that there are preceding commands that come before subsequent ones. So then obeying God has preeminence to dealing with spiritual enemies (Jdg 2:13-15). This sequence cannot be reversed. The devil will have no place in your life when you obey God (Eph 4:26-27). 


He will be promptly revenged by your obedience (2 Cor 10:6). The enumerated parts of the armor of God are given as doctrinal tools to use when the devil decides to harass us personally, but the first line of defense always comes by simple "obedience" to God. 


There are elected and hired officials who are responsible to enforce divine order on earth. Whether these people are godly or not, we are to obey them; for they are in fact, God's ministers (Rom 13:1-6). 

These law keepers are not self-made rulers. They have been empowered by divine authority

(Jn 19:10-11). 


God has established those ordinances to protect us from rampant disorder and chaos. However, when man corrupts those laws to the advancement of his own selfish ends, we are not obliged to obey such portion of those demands (Act 4:18-20; 5:27-29).


The book of Ephesians gives us a clear understanding of the chain of command which ultimately results in the hierarchy of obeying God Himself. For example when the wife is commanded to submit to her husband, God has a reason for it. It is because he has been established as head of the household, and as certain as he may be unworthy of it, still, the command is binding

(Eph 5:22-23). 


The husband is also obligated to submit to Christ because He is the head of the man. Let us clarify the fact that in God's creation, man is no greater than the woman in terms of value and respect. God created both to complement one another without devaluation regardless of gender. Only in the establishment of governmental law within the domestic setting is the husband to be obeyed as God's representative in the home. A woman who is single has no responsibility to obey any man to govern her home. She is free from that obligation. This command strictly applies to the state of matrimony.


 When the wife submits to the husband (Eph 5:22), and the husband is in submission to God

(1 Cor 11:3), as well as the children consent to obeying their parents (Eph 6:1), that is following in God's chain of command. When we decide to refrain from submitting to those ordained as leaders over us, (perhaps for past experiences with abuse of authority, or some other complicated reason), we relinquish the protection God has instituted to keep us safe from ill effects and chaos entering our lives. 


Man is to submit to Christ, because He is his Creator. Wives are to submit to husbands because they are their provider and protector. Children are to obey their parents because they are their teachers who prepare them for life. Employees are to submit to their employers because they provide their livelihoods.


When we obey those over us, we are indeed ultimately obeying God himself. We are to submit as to the Lord and not to men (Eph 6:6). 


Even employees and employers are commanded to live by this same rule (Eph 6:9). Any time those over us demand that we submit to something that is clearly against God's word, we are free from the obligation of obeying that isolated request.

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