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The Little Flock System

Remnant Powerhouse is organized into Little Flocks. This is not a temporary season of small groups. It is the infrastructure of our congregation whereby everyone gets a sense of ownership and significance. 


Little Flocks have their own names, including:

Godspeed, The Potter's Flock, Living Water, Peacemakers, and Cross fit.


Each Little Flock is lead by an experienced leader. They are seasoned trusted overseers, who pastor on an individual basis. They get personally involved with their people. They do hospital visits, counselling, and teach their Little Flocks on a one to one setting. There is a relaxing atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable sharing during their home Bible Studies.


Little Flocks also make a great Evangelism tool, where new comers can visit who are apprehensive of assimilating into the church setting.


The Little Flock system helps our church be organized and quickly get informed of urgent news when and if necessary through their Flock Leader. Events and church participation is easily planned through this method of communication.

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