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Our Pastor

Alvaro Dominguez

Pastor Al Dominguez was born and raised in the RGV, was saved at the age of 19, and has been preaching since he was 23. He has been a pastor since 1992. Graduated from TMP in Harlingen TX in 1989. After fasting 40 days in 1999 he set out to make a handwritten copy of the KJV Bible, which he has completed. He is the author of several books, and as a musician has also written several Christian songs. 

Pastor Al has seen many people come to the Lord throughout his years of ministry and has discipled many who are now currently in their own ministry. He has developed a Discipleship program from which hundreds have graduated, including stay at home moms, hard-working fathers, janitors, school teachers, as well as some with PhDs, and Medical doctors. He also is a luthier (guitar builder). He owns Dominguez Custom Guitars Inc. (Est. 2013), located in Elsa, TX. Many of his instruments are being played in churches around the U.S. as well as on tour with the well know country star, Garth Brooks.

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