Broken Vessels Make Better Christians

Main Verse: (Jer. 18:1-6) Category: Brokenness INTRO All who come to Christ will be broken

(Lk. 20:17-18)

Better broken than grounded. I. VESSELS TO OFFER IN MUST BE BROKEN 1. The law of the sin offering (broken or scoured vessel) (Lev. 6:28) 2. Remind us where the Real power comes from (2 Cor 4:7-12) II. GOD IS GOING TO BREAK YOU 1. To remake you to his satisfaction

(Jer. 18:4) 2. To make you a vessel of honor

(Rom. 9:20-21) 3. To make your light shine / to confuse the enemy (Jdg 7:19-22) III. BROKEN VESSELS ARE BETTER 1. Are closer to God (Psa. 34:18) 2. Make acceptable sacrifices

(Psa. 51:17)

3. Produce acceptable worship

(Mk. 14:3) CONC. Broken vessels are dead to self. Broken vessels can be trusted by God!

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