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Defeating the Enemy of Sickness & Disease

1. Sickness does not come from God Act 10:38

2. Demons can cause sickness:

a. The bowed woman Lk 13:11-12

b. The epileptic boy Mk 9:17, 20-27

3. Not all sickness is a demon:

a. Physical abuse can cause Phi 2:25-27, 30

b. Some sickness is cause by sin Jam 5:15

- Healing occurs upon forgiveness Jam 5:15-16

4. Sickness does not humble you, it handicaps you:

a. It makes you poor and miserable Mk 5:25-26

5. It is always God's will to heal you Mat 8:1-3

6. Sickness is not God's correction over his children

a. But it can happen when God lifts his protection Job 1:8-12

7. Scriptures to claim healing: Isa 53:5, 1 Pet 2:24, Mat 8:13-17

8. Scriptures to claim protection from sickness: Psa 91:3-7, Exo 15:26

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