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Money Without God In It


Consider this a lesson on safety. Moral safety! Shop safety doesn't mean the machines are evil. Neither is money in itself. The condition of your heart will determine it's outcome. God desires your prosperity, but only within biblical parameters. A godly person will not be adversely affected by wealth. Every time wealth is spoken of negatively in the Bible, it is in connection to ungodliness. The following only applies to those who do not include God in their finances, whether saved or unsaved.Mat 19:23-26


1. Will bring sorrow with it. 1 Tim 6:7-11 cp Pro 10:22

2. You make you forget God is your provider. Deu 8:18

3. Will turn you into a slave. Mat 6:24

4. Will not let you put God first. Mat 6:31-33

5. Will make you ever covetous. Lk 12:15-21

6. Will make you arrogant. 1 Tim 6:17-19

7. Will produce false security. You will lose it. Pro 13:22

8. It will fall into a bag of holes. Hag 1:5-9

9. Will bring misery with it. Jam 5:1-6

10. Will make it hard to get saved. Mat 19:23-24

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