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Main Verse: Eph 6:18 Category: Prayer INTRO As with worship there is not only one way to pray. Depending on the need and the Spirit’s bidding there are different types of prayer. Each for a different purpose. I. DEVOTIONAL PRAYER Personal prayer 1. To strengthen your walk & endure temptation Mat. 26:41 2. To relieve the agony of affliction

Jam. 5:13 3. The best emotional therapy Mat. 11:28 II. CONGREGATIONAL PRAYER Group prayer 1. Must be done with one accord

Mat. 18:19 2. Notice the apostles prioritized it in

Act 1:14; 2:1,46: 4:24; 5:12 III. INTERCESSORY PRAYER Prayer on behalf of someone else 1. Abraham prayed for Sodom & Gomorrah Gen. 18:23-26 2. Could be an agonizing experience Rom. 8:26 IV. SUPPLICATION PRAYER Prayer for favor & forgiveness. A desperate cry to God. 1. To cry out in desperate need

Psa. 55:1-5 2. To ask for favor & forgiveness

1 Kings 8:30 V. HOLY GHOST PRAYER (TONGUES) 1. Edifies your spirit man 1 Cor. 14:4 2. Is a direct line to God bypassing the selfish nature 1 Cor. 14:2 CONC. Using the proper kind of prayer at the proper time is essential. We must at one time or another be involved with each type of prayer.

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