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Strategic Praying

The Praying Christian (Pt. 3) Main Verse: Eccl. 10:10 Category: Prayer INTRO There is the effective way to do things. By following instructions. There is the school of hard knocks way to do things. By ignoring the instructions. Strategy, not necessarily effort is most essential in prayer. Consider Jesus who reached the whole world with only 12 men. (strategy) Consider the devil (who is not omnipresent) and yet has effectively destroyed much people. Your prayer life should be simple, effective and powerful. (Strategic) God has given us His word to instruct us how to pray in His perfect will. I. HOW TO PRAY 1. Prayer should be directed to the Father in the name of Jesus Jn. 15:16 2. Prayer can also be directed to Jesus Acts 7:59 3. We don’t pray to the Holy Ghost, He is the one who directs our prayer to the Father Rom. 8:26 4. We can have communion with the Holy Ghost 2 Cor. 13:14 5. Fasting will empower your prayer to a higher degree. II. WHAT YOU DON’T NEED TO PRAY ABOUT (But act on) 1. Financial abundance Mal. 3:10-11 2. Judgment, Condemnation, Forgiveness, & Generosity Lk. 6:37-38 3. Winning an unsaved husband to the Lord by submission 1 Pet. 3:1-6 4. We must not give place to the devil by harboring bitterness Eph. 4:26-27 5. Learn to thank the Lord and pronounce your blessings Phil. 4:6 CONC. Biblical prayers are the only thing that God will hear. Don’t waste your time with your own ideas, go to the Word and be precise.

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