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God never asks without giving in return. It takes faith to believe. Act 20:35

God will never ask you for something that requires no faith.

1. It is always reciprocal:

a. Phi 4:15-19 “Your needs will be supplied”

b. Lk 6:38 “it will be given you”

c. Mal 3:10 “windows of heaven will open”

d. 2 Cor 9:6 “You will receive a harvest”

2. Inflates your heavenly account Phi 4:17

a. Cashable during your earthly days Mk 10:28-30

3. Creates assurance for tomorrow Ecc 11:1-2

4. It will get the devil off your back Mal 3:11

5. It will increase you Pro 11:24

6. It will come back to you multiplied Jn 12:24

7. You will never lack Phi 4:19

8. Removes the spirit of greediness Mat 19:21-22

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