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Rom 8:31 INTRO It's a rhetorical question God already gives us the answer in His Word:

I.       SAY SOMETHING 1. Speak "TO" the situation            a. Pronounce it's defeat (1 Sam 17:45-46)           b. Pronounce it's purpose (Rom 8:28) II.     THESE THINGS 1. Your sufferings (Rom 8:18)             a. Not worthy of your time. Let it be              b. It is light and momentary (2 Cor 4:17)              c. Not one where God won't get you out of (Psa 34:17) III.     GOD IS FOR US (Psa 124) 1. Man has failed "But God"             a. Dressed him (Gen 3:21)             b. Made us alive (Eph 2:1-5) IV.     NO ONE CAN STAND AGAINST US

 1. Designed to win (Mat 16:17-18)            2. No words against you will prosper (Isa 54:17)            3. Nothing shall by any means... (Lk 10:19) CONC Let the wind blow (Mat 7:24-25) Let the river flow (Isa 43:2) You are safe In God's purpose (Jn 10:28)

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