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1. Lack of Faith Mat 17:19-20

2. You don't feel holy enough Act 3:12

a. You feel you have to earn it Rom 4:1-8, 16

3. You feel unworthy Eph 1:6, Tit 3:3-5

a. The soldier was not worthy Lk 22:50-51

4. Wrong theology (teaching)

a. Misconception #1 Miracles are not for today Heb 13:8, Act 2:38-39

b. Misconception #2 It's not God's will to heal everyone Lk 5:12-13

- None that came to Jesus was ever denied healing Mat 12:15

5. You have taken ownership of the sickness you have

a. It is a family curse Num 14:18

b. As a Christian, you are free from that curse Ezk 18:19-20

6. There are hidden sins you must confess Jam 5:15-16

7. You feel sorry for yourself Mat 15:22-28

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