Mat 6:33  


First in Your Time (Psa 90:12) 
Time is a commodity we can never regain. Before the affairs of our

daily responsibilities fill our minds, spending time with God is imperative.

Unloading our burdens, and receiving instructions from God should

be the first and foremost priority of our time. The problems that will

confront us during the day can be subdued in the morning prayer and

harnessed under God's control before they occur (Mk 1:35).  Time is

like money in our pockets. We can invest it productively, or waste it

frivolously. There are 1,440 minutes in a day. Surely we can find a few

of them to use for our spiritual growth. Productive and successful people

don't use "to do" lists; they count their minutes. There is no way hours

are going to slip away from you with this practice. The old adage

"I don't have any time", is an obvious excuse for mismanaging days.

God gives us plenty of hours for work, rest, recreation, and also to

spend in the sanctuary. Sporadic church involvement and poor attendance

is a result of not putting God first in our time. Our schedule is to be

resolved in accordance with our convictions. If God is not a priority in

our clocks, the need to spend time in His house will rank even lower.

There is a reason God requires us to become a part of a local assembly.

That is, practical spiritual exercise (1 Cor 14), pastoral care (Act 20:28),

and becoming part of a spiritual family (Eph 4:11-16); to name a few. 
First in Your Finances (Pro 3:9-10) 
 Purity of heart is the measuring stick by which God evaluates our

spiritual integrity. In fact, Jesus specifically declared that your treasure

and your heart are inseparable (Mat 6:19-21).  The place God takes in

your budget list, speaks volumes of where He ranks in your life. Putting

God first in your life begins by putting God first in your budget list. God

has given us all things to enjoy, and everything we have comes from Him.

In honor and recognition of this fact, we offer Him of our monetary

resources. And may we be reminded that what we present to Him is

that which we have taken out of His very own hand (1 Chr 29:14).

There is nothing we can offer God that doesn't already belong to Him.

However, neither should we offer Him anything that costs us nothing

(2 Sam 24:24). By putting God first in our giving, we put ourselves in a

glorious position of a secured abundance (Pro 3:10, Lk 6:38). No man

has given all his heart to God until he has relinquished all trust in his

earthly treasures. A man's income, savings, and material wealth are all

useless without God's blessing. We can quickly lose everything that has

no anchor on God's holding power (Pro 23:5). When we put God first in

our finances there is no earthly, or diabolical power that can interrupt

the steadfastness of our well being and security.  The only place in the

Bible where God says "prove me", is in the tithe, which when practiced

includes the promise of opening the windows of heaven and pouring

out a blessing that cannot be contained (Mal 3:10). To no surprise much

financial abuse and lack of integrity has undeniably brought shame to

the Church of Christ by some ministries. However, that does not nullify

that purity of heart in putting God first in our own finances can be

devoid of Biblical authority. Everyone will give an account for his

stewardship, and we dare not make a charlatan provide an excuse for

our negligence in obeying God.  
First in Your Convictions (Dan 6:10) 
Our convictions are the highest authority, and come second only to

the Word of God. What we stand for will always stem from the devotion

we have to our Savior.  No one is going to stand up and applaud you

for being godly in the midst of a wicked generation. In fact, persecution

is sure to follow those who choose to live such a life (2 Tim 3:12).

Putting God first in what you stand for means you will be despised

by a world who hates Him.  
First in Your Decisions (Psa 25:3-5) 
Daily choices are the masterminds of our future.  When God is first,

what we choose will never go against His Word. When we walk according

to His Word, God will never walk against us (Lev 26:40-41).  Prioritizing

God in your life will affect every cognitive choice you make, until the

day you die. 

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